People want to know where I stand on Second Amendment issues.

  1. Gun Owners of America - Candidate 2000 Congressional Candidate Survey

  2. "What Does It Mean to be 100% Pro-gun?" - Speech by John.

  3. "Let's Stop Attacking Guns" - Article by John.

  4. Senate Bill 2099 - This bill introduced by Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island is a direct attack on the 2nd Amendment by requiring the registration of all hand gun owners in the U.S. -- requires all handguns, including those currently in private possession, to be registered with ATF. There is even talk of posting the name of every gun owner on the internet on some government (IRS perhaps) website. This is an example of why you should vote for me and send a person to the Senate from Ohio who would oppose the constitutionality of such nonsense.

  5. Second Amendment Sisters - women who are fed up with the distortion, misrepresentation and reproach of the anti-Second Amendment crowd. Join the Armed Informed Mothers' March!

  6. A Lesson From Australia - Why taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is a bad idea.

  7. Guns, hypocrisy and common sense - A Washington Times article by Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder.

  8. Harry Browne says: For saftey sake, we must repeal all the gun laws.

  9. It's Amazing What One Has To Believe...To Believe In Gun Control - by Michael Z. Williamson

  10. Gun Control - Something to think about.

  11. Websites - Websites that support John's views on the Second Amendment and gun control.