For Immediate Release March 22, 2000
Contact: John McAlister 614-898-0015

600,000 calls agree with Libertarians

John McAlister, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate had said last week that people should ignore all the questions from the census bureau that are unconstitutional. Last Tuesday Census officials received more than 600,000 phone calls. The majority of the callers lodged complaints about the probing nature of the census questions.

Speaking to the Libertarian Century Club in Columbus on Tuesday McAlister said, “Libertarians have been way ahead of the curve on this issue for 25 years. As a Party we believe in the authority and strict interpretation of the Constitution. The actions of Republicans and Democrats in Congress show that, while well intentioned, they still want to bend the Constitution to suit the demands of their idea of an ever expanding federal government into all aspects of our lives. In a computerized digital world of information, most Americans don’t trust their government to do the right thing with all the data they have collected on us.”

McAlister went on to say that if elected to the U.S. Senate from Ohio he would do everything possible to fight for Americans’ Constitutional right to privacy and to put an end to a census that steps way beyond it original intent of enumerating people to determine Congressional representation.

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