March 3, 2000
Libertarian candidate charges DeWine has gone bananas.

John McAlister, the Libertarian Party's candidate for the senate seat now occupied by Mike DeWine, today accused Sen. DeWine of violating the principles of free trade by helping cause the federal government to impose high tariffs on European imports at the request of the Chiquita Company.

The increased tariffs imposed by DeWine have caused the 10 million Ohio citizens to pay more for goods as a result of Chiquita's internal business feud with Europeans.

It should be noted that the Linder Family, which controls the Cincinnati based Chiquita Company was, according to DeWine, one of the largest contributors to DeWine's campaign in 1999. Last year they donated $14,000 to fill the war chest of DeWine's protuberant re-election campaign.

McAlister was quoted as saying, "This appearance of 'quid pro quo' between Chiquita and DeWine is enough to make ordinary Ohio citizens go bananas!"

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