For Immediate Release March 14, 2000
Libertarian candidate tells Census Bureau to “mind your own business.”

John McAlister, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate said today that people should ignore all the questions from the census bureau that are unconstitutional. The census bureau is asking people over 50 questions about their personal lives when the form is mailed to them on March 15th. "I'm checking only the box that says how many people are in my house," said McAlister. "The federal government has no use for the rest of the information other than to decide how to allocate more unconstitutional funding."

The Census Bureau's "long form" questionnaire has 53 questions. It asks about such things as marital status, transportation choices, employment and household plumbing. “Libertarians say only a head count is constitutionally mandated and the rest of the questions are nosy,” McAlister said. "The U.S. Constitution says the purpose of the Census is to make an enumeration for apportioning congressional districts. The Census Bureau wouldn't need a big advertising campaign, which is a waste of taxpayer dollars, to increase participation if the questionnaire weren't so long and complicated,” McAlister added.

The Census Bureau actually has two forms being mailed to citizens on March 15. A shorter version of the questionnaire with only eight questions will be sent to more than 80 percent of Americans. But McAlister said, regardless of which form he receives, he'll only be telling the Census Bureau how many people live in his household.

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