For Immediate Release March 8, 2000
Contact: John McAlister 614-898-0015

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate prepares to give people a clear choice

John McAlister, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate thanked supporters and voters who voted for him in Tuesday’s primary campaign. “While the number of votes was only 1700 the event was significant because now for the first time this fall the great majority of registered voters, who are independent, will have a real choice for smaller government based on Constitutional principles rather than the tired old Democratic and Republican wings of the “Tax & Spend Status Quo Party,” McAlister said.

“Since 1994 I have been waiting to see some action out of the Republican majority in the House and Senate and instead we have a budget that is bigger than it was six years ago, no move toward privitizing Social Security more intrusive federal laws,” the first time candidate said. “Jesse Ventura came out of nowhere and won a statewide race in Minnesota. I think I have a chance, too. If people go to my website, www.JohnForUSSenate.com I think they will like what they see,” said McAlister. The website also allows voters to communicate directly with the candidate and book events for him in his campaign.

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