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McAlister knows that education is not one of the duties of the federal government prescribed in the Constitution. He would seek to end the Department of Education and all federal money directed thereto. Celeste and DeWine would expand the federal government presence into education.

  • Home schooling -- a home schooling mother wants to know.
  • "What Is Education?" -- Article by John.
  • School To Work -- State of Ohio Board of Education member Diana M. Fessler's response to being barred from federal Dept. of Education bureaucrat's secret meeting on "School To Work." STW is reminiscent of the education system under Communist Russia and is one more example of a policy to increase the power and reach of the federal government into people's lives.
  • Cement Canoe -- Government-run schooling is like a cement canoe.
  • Web sites -- Web sites that support John's views on education and show how we can ultimately solve the problems of education through the complete separation of school and state.