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Q. Have you ever held any elected office prior to this campaign for the U.S. Senate?
A. No! Isn't that refreshing? I'm not a career politician who has only worked for government all his life. As your senator, I will take to the Senate the perspective of one who has had to pay the bills all his life with money that was left over after governments have taken 41% of it!

Q. What about PAC contributions?
A.The incumbent has accepted contributions from Abbot Labs to Zeneca, Inc. through "PACs." Special interests give money to candidates because citizens have allowed "The Law" to become an instrument of "legalized plunder" and politicians are the instruments citizens use to bend the law to their liking. We've used the law to reward ourselves or to punish our enemies instead of using it only for the protection of life, liberty and property.

Any PAC or person giving money to my campaign is doing so because they agree with my political philosophy that less government is better and that government should not be interfering with personal freedom and individual rights as outlined in the Constitution. They are people who believe that I am being sent to the Senate to uphold and defend the Constitution rather that trying to re-write it.

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McAlister for U.S. Senate
Ann Leech Treasurer
2550 Corporate Exchange
Suite 101
Columbus, OH 43231