Sen. Harry Reid (Dem., Nevada) is reported to have said: "Now I know there are some who say, Well, that's not within the Constitution, but there are lots of things not in the Constitution that we do all the time." This is a ridiculous statement coming from a U.S. Senator. His statement is a good example of why more people like me need to be elected to the U.S. Senate!


Reduce the size of the federal government to it's proper role under the Constitution, thereby eliminating the need for the income tax. To that end as Ohio's U.S. Senator I would:


The "drug war" is not working. We are spending billions of dollars, arresting and jailing millions of people, as military style police units trample on the Bill of Rights of the Constitution in pursuing the "enemy" -- people who many times have committed no harm against anyone else's life, liberty or property. Certainly we all know that abuse of drugs can destroy lives, but we must stop a failed policy that currently benefits primarily politicians, bureaucrats and criminals.If elected to the Senate I will do everything within my power to eliminate the need for a "Drug War" by establishing a more rational policy for our country in dealing with drug abuse. See: Drug War


With the elimination of the income tax the "special interests" in Washington will fade away and Congress will get back to a citizen legislature rather than a place run by career politicians. I want my election to the U.S. Senate to be a signal to the rest of the country that America wants a Congress that is run by citizen legislators made up from a broad cross section of the population rather than a disproportionate number of lawyers.

Also, as Ohio's Senator I would work to pass and send to the states for their approval a constitutional amendment limiting senators to two terms in office and representatives to three terms, in order to return the legislature to citizen legislators. (See Term Limits)