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Q. A voter from Cleveland asks "Can the government do anything about health care?

A. The National Association of Health Underwriters (the health insurance agents assn) has come up with a model for financing health insurance. It's at: http://www.nahu.org/Legislative/HealthCredit.htm#Top and uses tax credits.

Tax credits for the cost of health insurance may be a good interim step to getting the government out of the health care business altogether.

The ideal solution would be for the government to get completely out of the health care business which would allow insurance companies to design and sell policies based on people's wants, needs and budgets -- just as they do for auto, homeowners, life and disability policies. Getting the government out of the health care business would also encourage people to seek alternatives to "traditional" health care providers. Many times an alternative health care provider can solve a problem for an individual at a fraction of the cost. I have personally experienced this.

The "one size fits all" approach to government regulation of health insurance has skewed the market and driven up costs which makes health insurance unaffordable for many families. Anything the government does to "solve" the problem will eventually lead us to a socialized medicine system in America.

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