This young boy comes home from school and is confused. So at the dinner table he asks his father how does government work?

His father responds, "Think of it this way son. Think of me as the government, your nanny as the working class taxpayer, your mom does the work around the house so she is like the businesses of the country, your baby brother as the future, and our pet dog as inflation, because he just stays around us, but nothing much happens." The father continues, "You ponder that tonight as you do your studies and we will talk tomorrow at breakfast."

During the night, the boy wakes up to go to the bathroom, on his way he notices his father in bed with the nanny, his baby brothers diapers are full and desperately need changing, his mom is sound asleep and the dog is loose, having escaped out of the backyard.

At breakfast in the morning the father asks his son "Did you think about what I said at dinner?"

The boy responds, "Yes, father."

The father asks "Well, what did you learn?"

The son responds, "The government is screwing the taxpayers, businesses are being ignored, the future is in deep shit and while everyone is asleep, inflation is running wild."

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