That great humorist, Will Rogers said: "I don't make jokes - I just watch the government and report the facts."  In the spirit of Will Rogers, politics should also be something that can give us a good laugh.

  • Libertarian Bill of No Rights
  • Clinton Bonds & Noah & the EPA
  • Benevolent Rulers Party - Dedicated to the democratic election of a de facto Ruling Class
  • I'm Sorry! - Apologies are the politically correct thing to do. Let's get them all out of the way! :)
  • Terrorist Ducks - Once again we're saved by the BATF!
  • Tax Advice - What to wear on your date with the IRS.
  • Government - A young boy learns what it's all about.
  • Bumper Sticker - Thanks Clinton-Gore!
  • Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Remember...only WE can prevent forest fires!


    The coast is clear!
    This cartoon represents the mindset of the typical liberal who wants to ban guns "for the sake of the children" rather than placing blame on irresponsible parents who don't pay attention to the behavior of their kids. Instead they want to penalize law abiding parents who do act responsibly in raising their children by banning guns.