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Where does
John stand
on the issues?

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John would like you to send in your questions on issues. The questions and answers are arranged by category. Read for yourself what John has to say as the campaign develops.


Also, John invites you to read about the Libertarian Party positions and John's positions on important issues.

Libertarian Party on:

*   Crime & Violence
*   Environment
*   Family Budgets
*   Foreign Policy
*   Freedom Of Speech
*   Gun Laws
*   Internet
*   Immigration
*   Poverty & Welfare
*   Privacy
*   Social Security
*   Taxes

John's speeches and articles on:

    Gun Control (speech)
    War On Drugs   
Articles by other authors i.e., The Internet: Killer Virus of the State

Websites that support John's views on the issues.

McAlister for U.S. Senate
Ann Leech Treasurer
2550 Corporate Exchange
Suite 101
Columbus, OH 43231