One million U.S. Political Prisoners?
Mass imprisonment of nonviolent citizens.

Columbus, OH John McAlister, Libertarian Candidate for Ohio’s US Senate seat quoted a statistic today from the Justice Policy Institute which has projected that on February 15, the U.S. prison and jail population will reach 2 million persons. More than half of those imprisoned are nonviolent offenders. The largest category, by criminal offense, are drug law violators.

Referring to the vigil being held in Cleveland Tuesday night, McAlister said, “Who would have ever thought that someday we would be holding vigils to remember our own citizens who have been jailed as basically political prisoners to satisfy the draconian laws passed to combat a failing war on drugs.”

Citing a speech posted on his website at JohnForUSSenate.com, McAlister said “It’s time to rethink the futile war on drugs” and promised that if elected he would do everything within his power to end the insane War On Drugs and help establish a more rational policy for our country in dealing with this problem.

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