For Immediate Release October 17, 2000
Contact: John McAlister 614-898-0015

McAlister challenges DeWine to admit that "War On Drugs" is a loser.

COLUMBUS, OH - John McAlister, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate asked today, "Is there anyone who believes that the War on Drugs has made their lives safer or better? Or that it has not taken away their Liberties one notch at a time?" McAlister went on to ask why Mike DeWine supports a failing policy. McAlister cited the following reasons why the drug war must end.

* The War on Drugs has provided Government Price Supports for the Drug Dealers.

* The War on Drugs has created the Environment in which Drug Gangs have thrived, just as the Government ban on Alcohol had done during Alcohol Prohibition.

* The War on Drugs has caused police powers to grow way out of proportion to the benefits, allowing police to confiscate private property without due process, all in the name of their beloved "War on Drugs". We now have small towns all across America where part of their Town Budget calls for them to confiscate (STEAL) property from citizens to pay their oversized police forces, all in the name of the "War on Drugs".

* The War on Drugs, supported by the Government, became so profitable that our own Government's CIA used the proceeds from the Drug Trade (through Mena, Arkansas) to finance covert operations in Nicaragua and other places.

* The War on Drugs has put millions of our young people, especially among our minorities, into prison for lengthy prison terms even though they have committed no violent crime. Meanwhile, the current president and the current presidential candidates have all acknowledged partaking of these prohibited substances.

* The War on Drugs has denied our elderly and our terminally ill patients the rights to live out their lives in dignity without suffering horrible pain.

McAlister said that if elected he will do everything possible to bring a more rational policy to drug abuse in America.

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