For Immediate Release August 23, 2000
Contact: John McAlister 614-898-0015

Libertarian Candidate to Propose Parental Rights Bill at Mansfield Rally

COLUMBUS, OH - “We rejoiced when laws were enacted to protect children from abuse. Like all laws, the intentions were good, but bureaucracy and human flaws interfered as usual. Today children often need protection from child protective services,” warned Libertarian candidate for US Senate, John McAlister.

"The federal government needs to leave families alone,” said McAlister. “Many families don’t have the knowledge or money to defend themselves against the misguided and overzealous excesses of state-sanctioned kidnapping. Compare this to the unlimited resources and sovereign immunity of taxpayer-backed government professionals. This may explain why the majority of children come from poor & minority families.”

McAlister urged his supporters to attend the VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Laws) rally at the Gazebo in downtown Mansfield at 2 P.M. on Aug. 25 where he will present his:

1. States need a bill that restricts government interference in a parent’s attempt to discipline within reason and with proven effective techniques.

2. This does not include abuse. “We need to refine the definitions of abuse and neglect—narrowing the scope of abuse and neglect would allow CPS to better target resources.”

3. The definition would also include parental responsibilities since it is the parent’s duty to protect the child and others from dangerous activities the child may be inclined to pursue.

4. We must recriminalize child abuse and place investigatory powers with police. Under the current system, abusers are only guaranteed of criminal prosecution if they abuse a stranger's child. Unlike the courts, which must prove a party's guilt, social services agencies have no obligation to provide the accused with due process.

5. There is also the need to repeal mandatory reporting laws. Mandatory reporting discourages neighbors from taking positive action with families in trouble and floods the system with false reports.

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