Term Limits & Campaign Finance

One of my goals is to resurrect the Constitutional Caucus in Congress. Because Congress no longer follows the Constitution, and the Supreme Court has replaced it with the over 400 volumes of commentary about the Constitution, the only limits on federal power are political. Thus, we have the great cry for "Term Limits" and "Campaign Finance Reform." Until the American people are taught and believe that the purpose of the Constitution was to place curbs on Federal power through enumerated powers, i.e., Art I, sec 8, we will continue to have this fight. I offer the following information in this ongoing debate.

Term Limits

Term Limits - Great stuff from U.S. Term Limits and Paul Jacob's "Common Sense."

Campaign Financing

Congressman Ron Paul's Comments - "The problem with elections is not that there is too much money involved, but rather that choices are restricted by government policies crafted by incumbents who want to be protected from competition." We need free and open competition in the marketplace of ideas.

Money is not the problem - Study shocker: Most politicians can't be 'bribed' by campaign contributions.