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Initial Reason

A number of years ago I looked at the amount of income I had made for the year. I then looked at the amount of money I had paid in:


    Medicare Tax

    Social Security Tax

    Federal Income Tax

    State Income Tax

    City Income Tax

    Property Tax

    Sales Tax

I discovered that I had paid 41% of my entire income that year to subsidize government programs. In other words, I was working two days out of a five-day work week to pay for a few services I appreciated...but then who knows what else. It dawned on me that I was turning over 41% of my income to bureaucrats who were busy inventing "problems" they could solve for me to keep themselves in business. 41% of my life could almost be called "slavery."

An Inspired Thought?

One question kept coming into my mind: Why do we always have to elect a career politician to the Senate? If we are supposed to have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, wouldn't it make sense to send a person to Washington who truly represents the average people in America? Why not elect someone who is an average American?

I remembered a question in a poll: "Do you think you would do a better or worse job of balancing the budget than Congress?" Seventy-three per cent said they could do a better job than Congress!

For the first time I realized that many of us could do a better job than the career politicians we have sent to Washington.

Hearing the Call

I began researching issues, talking to friends, relatives, neighbors and people everywhere in Ohio. Everybody had a "horror story" about some government action or another. Because I was willing to listen, people opened up and told me about their frustrations with government and about feeling "trapped" in a system that wasn't serving them.

But more than that... they almost always asked me to do something about it: "You're a sharp man. You do something about it." Just about everyone I talked to was putting out a call for me to become a candidate.

I guess you could say the spirit of Ohio was telling me I had stood on the sidelines too long. It was time to pay the price and get involved. It was time to stop complaining about government and do something about it.

It was time to answer the call of these people who were saying they're tired of "business as usual" in Washington and who wanted someone with common sense and a connection with the people instead of a connection with political interests and "Big Money" campaign contributors and Political Action Committees.

If there is such a thing as the spirit of Ohio, it was telling me to be a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Common Sense

Wouldn't you feel good having a Senator from Ohio who truly listens to your concerns about how government is getting too big, too complicated, and too intrusive in your life... and then actually DOES something about it?

Most politicians take your money from you in the form of taxes and then tell you how they're going to do something for you with your money! I would rather listen to your frustrations and then suggest ways that you can solve problems without sending your money to Washington!

Frederic Bastiat said in 1848 that "The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else." It can't work that way. We the people have to reclaim our destinies. America did not reach greatness by being a welfare or socialist state. We earned it by providing solutions to people's problems through hard work, individual initiative and the rewards that come from a benevolent free market economy. I understand these principles and possess the talents to be the U.S. Senator Ohio has been waiting for.

Contact me

If you think government is hindering rather than helping you in your life, I want to hear from you. If you have ideas that can solve problems in society without more interference from government and more taxes, I want to hear from you. If you think government can work, without being gigantic, complicated, and intrusive in people's lives, I want to hear from you. I want to hear your ideas and your solutions. I want to hear about people who are already solving problems with their own programs, initiatives or actions without resorting to asking for government help. E-mail me now.

Why vote for John?

Most people would agree with a quote from the Cato Institute's Handbook for Congress: "For those who go into government to improve the lives of their fellow citizens, the hardest lesson to accept may be that often there is no good reason for Congress to do anything about a problem -- such as education, crime, or church burning.

Critics will object, do you want the government to just stand there and do nothing while this problem continues? Sometimes that is exactly what Congress should do. Remember the ancient wisdom imparted to physicians: First, do no harm.

There is no higher duty for members of Congress than to remind us of the constitutional limits on government when we forget them."

Thus, as your Candidate for U.S. Senate, I say: Do you want me to promise you benefits at the expense of your fellow Americans?

Do you want me to promise you the continuation of legalized plunder in the name of 'betterment for society'?

Or do you want me to vote against continued government growth and continued plunder -- in the knowledge that if we continue down the road taken by self-destructing civilizations of the past, we too will self-destruct as a society?

A vote for John McAlister is a vote for reason, logic, common sense... and the spirit of Ohio.

# # #

McAlister for U.S. Senate
Ann Leech Treasurer
2550 Corporate Exchange
Suite 101
Columbus, OH 43231

Last updated: 12/24/99